Raspberry Pi and SimpleVC

So I had to take a couple whacks at it, but it’s finally working. This all goes much smoother if you limit your alcohol intake prior to starting, BTW, but where’s the fun in that?

Anyways, the instructions they provide are close, but missing a simple (possible obvious) but crucial step. After following the instructions here, you *have* to runs apt-get update. Otherwise your fucked, and it won’t work.

To simplify:

  1. sudo apt-get install ipython python-opencv python-scipy python-numpy python-setuptools python-pip
  2. sudo pip install https://github.com/sightmachine/SimpleCV/zipball/master
  3. sudo apt-get update

That’s it. They really really do a good job of making this simple

Now I’m using a raspberry pi 1 B+, one of the first to roll off the line years ago, so the specs are what they are. The start time for the script is really long, and the frame rate (runningx) is pretty atrocious, like 1FPS atrocious.

Now granted, when this zombie head build is done, the board will be running headless, no desktop so we’ll save on some precious resources, but I’m very skeptical that even saving that will give us the speed needed to realistically track people. The thing would look like it’s a having a seizure. Like a poorly executed, hilariously botched, weak ass attempt. Probably be better off just leaving it a latex head.

Now, I’m just talking about grabbing a fucking picture from the camera… once I got the face tracking working the performance went to REAL shit. Like at least 10 seconds to process a single frame for a face.

Just, no. There is no fixing that. I love the Pi, but this is not gonna work.

Perhaps the Pi 2 will work. Faster procs, 4 cores and 1gig of Ram could really jazz the speed up. I’ll need to do multithreading anyways, definitely for sound, possibly for control (That remains to be seen).

It’s only $40 with shipping, so it’s worth a try. Worst case scenario I have 2 Pi’s collecting dust on my desk. If it’s unacceptable, it’d be time to really look around.

 I still do have a fair amount to learn about the computer vision stuff, how to tweak resolution, mess with color, etc. That all might have significant impacts on performance… maybe not.

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